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 101 Reasons to HATE Gigas.

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101 Reasons to HATE Gigas. Empty
PostSubject: 101 Reasons to HATE Gigas.   101 Reasons to HATE Gigas. EmptySat May 02, 2015 7:54 pm

1. Gigas' large frame gets in the way of battle when he's out
2. Gigas' large frame gets in the way when he's linking
3. Gigas' large frame gets in the way when he shows up to talk about a battle
4. Gigas shows up after a battle too often
5. Gigas shows up a battle too often
6. Gigas demoralizes you
7. Gigas insults you constantly when you try to get his mana up
8. Gigas gives more +1 and +2 dialogues than any Eidolon
9. Gigas always has no mana
10. Gigas brings bad items from linking
11. Gigas has poors stats
12. Gigas always whines
13. Gigas has ugly armor
14. Gigas' helmet looks really stupid
15. Gigas' armor is an ugly color
16. Gigas runs away in battle
17. The animation for Gigas leaving is stupid
18. Gigas comes in from the ground because he's from hell
19. Gigas doesn't like people who are good
20. Gigas always boasts
21. Gigas has such an ego
22. Gigas shrugs you off and gets upset when you compliment him
23. Gigas tries makes fun of gentle and weak people
24. Gigas feels no pain so he doesn't care about your pain
25. Gigas' has enchanted armor that's bad
26. Gigas' "Give it all you've got' skill is suppose to generate malice but he never aggros
27. Gigas' " electric net skill is useless because he doesn't aggro well like he's suppose to so enemies never run into it
28. Gigas is so ugly enemies turn away from him and he doesn't tank for you
29.Gigas' buff is all lighting damage, but he doesn't utilize it
30. Gigas is in a bad spot when you get him
31. Gigas doesn't like Quelkulan and Quelkulan is cool
32. As a level 50 Eidolon he only gives 2,670 EXP which is garbage.
33. Gigas takes a while to kill at level 50 because he had 8.8 million health. Almost as much as Oliver
34. Gigas' Accessory helps his defense and doesn't do much because he doesn't tank for you
35. Gigas is a stupid name that is hard to pronounce right
36. Gigas' accessory says "it can increase the power of anyone," yet gives no DMG or CRIT or CDMG
37. Gigas has eternal life so he will always be stupid even as he watches you die by NOT tanking
38. Gigas needs healing or he will die as he can't heal himself
39. Gigas only aggros one enemy and when he does he does not change targets until one or the other die
40. Gigas can not kill people fast so fighting one enemy wastes your time
41. Gigas has a stupid walk animation
42. Gigas has extremely disproportionate hands
43. Gigas has no peripheral vision
44. Gigas can't be evolved 3 times like the starter Icon and his evolution are bad
45. Gigas is ignorant
46. Gigas is selfish
47. Gigas dislikes people with fear which is foolish
48. Gigas backstabs you
49. Gigas says you backstab him
50. Gigas tried to make you a brother to him without telling you then tells you you're a bad brother
51. Gigas is two syllables starting with G which is exasperating
52. Gigas wastes time because he's a bad investment and you need to pour crystals into him just so he can stay less bad
53. Gigas is the one who stole your bed sheets on the one cold night
54. Gigas makes kids cry and laughs at them
55. Gigas takes candy from babies
56. Gigas boasts about knocking over small people
57. Gigas terrorizes regular civilians
58. Gigas can't dance
59. Gigas always has spinning gauntlets which is distracting
60. Gigas has his eyes sucked into his head
61. Gigas has ugly patterned trim
62. Gigas helped start WW II
63. Gigas is supposedly a blood knight but runs from battle
64. Gigas wastes your Eidolon temples as his fragments are useless
65. Gigas is EVERYWHERE and referring to Rule #1 is annoying
66. Gigas has annoying postures
67. Gigas is bad at art
68. Gigas never takes out the trash
69. Gigas wanted to make a stupid joke about this number
70. Gigas is so hated by your Guild master he wastes their time by making him write 101 reasons to hate Gigas and not giving them time to level up
71. Gigas is a part of the Eidolon GH spawns which is also a huge waste
72. Gigas doesn't like chocolate
73. Gigas doesn't like Anime
74. Gigas never showers just "polishes" his armor
75. Gigas is a pervert
76. Gigas steals from the poor and gives to the rich
77. Gigas sometimes goes on mountains and causes avalanches just to try and crush people
78. Gigas doesn't like You
79. I like You
80. Gigas isn't a transformer
81. Gigas has no theme song
82. Gigas can't cook... Sigrun can cook
83. Gigas is bald
84. Gigas is the spawn of Satan
86. Gigas is a cannibal
86. Gigas is annoying to type
87. Gigas exists
88. Gigas knocks your ice cream on the ground when you're trying to enjoy it
89. Gigas can't swim
90. Gigas once tried to blow up the moon
91. Gigas sunk titanic
92. Gigas makes this game less popular
93. Gigas probably takes up more CPU to animate as his animations and model are a waste
94. Gigas is fat
95. Gigas doesn't like your mother's homemade baked cookies
96, Gigas doesn't like Star Wars
97. Gigas has bad taste in music
98. Gigas intentionally gives bad advice
99. Gigas always thinks homicidal thoughts towards you
100. Gigas has the IQ of a pastry
101. I hate Gigas so you should too

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101 Reasons to HATE Gigas. Empty
PostSubject: Re: 101 Reasons to HATE Gigas.   101 Reasons to HATE Gigas. EmptySun May 03, 2015 6:28 pm

I approve of this list.
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101 Reasons to HATE Gigas.
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