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 Elemental Accessories/Trophies

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Elemental Accessories/Trophies Empty
PostSubject: Elemental Accessories/Trophies   Elemental Accessories/Trophies EmptyWed May 20, 2015 7:26 am

These aren't particularly rare, and pretty cheap for some on the market, but I would like you to please pass it by me before getting rid of it. They're a good way to get elemental dmg % and I eventually want them all.

Thanks guys Elemental Accessories/Trophies 3156873785 Elemental Accessories/Trophies 3923210767

(These items are the ones that add % to Elemental Skills or % to Elemental targets) Elemental Accessories/Trophies 2609536034
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Elemental Accessories/Trophies
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