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PostSubject: The Guild Name   The Guild Name EmptyMon May 04, 2015 2:20 pm

Hello everyone, in regards to the guild name it's an inside joke between us guild founders.
Grab a chair and I'll explain the story:

Once upon a time, Lotus/Taytay and I were having a heated argument. The debate was heating up and it was reaching a climax. We went back and forth for a while. Then this guy wearing a hat with ears and long curly hair walks up and starts watching us. He occasionally says a word or two, but he didn't really stay relevant to the argument or make much sense.
The Guild Name Il_430xN.13513436 The Guild Name O-WEIRD-AL-facebook
(It's actually a pretty sweet hat)               (Hair like this guy [Weird Al])
Then suddenly the guy stops us and goes:
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa.... Guys, I know Calculus."

This had absolutely nothing to do with the conversation and we couldn't hold in the laughter. It was a thing more in the moment.
However, since then whenever we do something really stupid or insanely impossible like go into a fight with no return, we say "Guys! I got this.... I know Calculus." (A ridiculous reason for whatever we're doing).
It has nothing to actually do with math or our intellect at all

However, if any are curious most of us have had several courses of Calculus.

Cheers! ^_^'
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The Guild Name
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